Nourish Fitness and Barbara Dawson 

Nourish Fitness is a collaborative approach to whole body health, a program designed specifically for you with dedicated and expert guidance from Barbara Dawson, your advocate, coach and trainer.

No one solution works for everyone. Barbara Dawson understands we all have different strengths, weaknesses, needs and goals.

With Barbara's guidance you'll map out, step-by-step, your own "Personal Promise", an individualized blueprint to help you attain and maintain healthy balance.



Nourish Fitness emphasizes three principles:

• Nutritious and clean eating,

• Physical activity that works for you, and

• Awareness of the loving and healthy relationships that surround you. 


Nourish Fitness is about balance. Between jobs, career, family, and our personal lives, we often put our own health on the backburner. Understanding that staying true to your "Personal Promise" can be challenging. Barbara provides you the support and tools you need to succeed, maintaining your Personal Promise is ultimately up to you. When you make your Personal Promise, you make a commitment to yourself.

No one diet works for everyone. Most popular approaches to dieting create a short-term focus on calories, carbs, fats or proteins. Barbara focuses on the whole you and guides you to the food and lifestyle choices best for you. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and bad foods that are off limits, you'll learn to crave (and prepare) foods that are good for your body. 

Barbara's approach is safe, comfortable, supportive and fun. Together, you'll examine how parts of your life affect your health as a whole. While you journey towards a healthy and balance lifestyle Barbara will be right by your side, teaching you and holding you accountable. Along with her support, you'll benefit from her nutritional expertise, physical fitness training, and executive motivational techniques.

Make a commitment to yourself, your health, and your happiness, and make your "Personal Promise" today. Nobody is more important than you!